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Most people go to Target to shop, and yes during the experience, may possibly get so flustered that they develop a snappy attitude with the employees, but comedian Katt Williams took things to another level when he slapped a cashier on the checkout line this weekend! Williams, most known for his role in “Friday” and standup acts “The Pimp Chronicles 1 & 2,” became enraged during a routine visit to the retailers. Surveillance footage shows Katt arguing with the apparently calm associate then hitting the him. With no sound on the tape, it is hard to see if there was some sort of altercation leading to the hit. Given Katt’s track violent record over the last few months, we can assume that the hit wasn’t warranted.

Katt is clearly on a rampage and was arrested later that night for starting a bar fight in Seattle. TMZ reports: Williams “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business.” Spectators have attributed Williams’ odd behavior to drugs but we think it may be something much more profound!

We hope he gets the help he needs before his actions become fatal to either himself or someone else.

Watch the surveillance video, below:

Another angle:

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