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tamar and vince

Last night, we were privileged with another episode of “Tamar & Vince” and given a bird’s eye view of Tamar’s antics, Vince’s comebacks and the clash between the two. This time, there was a little less fighting and more working as Tamar prepared for her music showcase with Vince right by her side.

Check out some highlights below:

Vincent Herbert, The Boss

Tamar had a lot on her agenda to prepare for her music showcase, which included a photo shoot, vocal lessons, an image meeting and more. Her hubby, Vince, was right on hand to be the boss, take charge and call the shots, and of course Tamar loved it. “It’s a turn on that Vince is a boss. Giving out orders to other people. Not me, that’s irritating, but when you do it to other people, that’s hot,” Tamar told her husband. As hilarious as it was when Vince and Tamar went at it, it was nice to see the couple finally getting along for a change, at least for the time being.

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Tamar’s Work Out Plan

Tamar wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for her photo shoot and showcase, so she hired a trainer to help get her in tip top shape. She started doing Pilates, and although Tamar gave her trainer, Spencer, a hard time (in typical Tamar fashion) Spencer wasn’t moved by her mouth and made sure that he whipped her butt into shape! During the workout, Tamar was shouting and making so much noise that Spencer asked if we were back in church?! Two points for Spence for throwing the shade right back to Tamar! LOL

Who’s The Bigger Diva?

Finally, it was time for Tamar’s big photo shoot. Tamar was excited because the shoot was going to be a “mix of glamor and the girl next door who found sex one day,” as she called it. She took a couple shots in the water, in a suit and bow tie and on top of a mantle and gave us her best “modelesque” face and pose. Tamar, you better work! After her photo shoot, Tamar went to her vocal lessons to help get her in even more shape for her showcase. Her vocal coach, Terrence, invited LaShawn to the lesson since he wanted to hear the final version of the song that he wrote for Tamar. It was hard to tell who was the bigger diva between Tamar and Terrence! When Tamar suggested a different way the cords should be played on the piano, Terrence was not trying to hear it! Come on Terrence, how are you going to be in the biggest diva competition against Tamar Braxton!? Tamar got frustrated because Terrence was not listening to her suggestions, and walked away from the lesson, which solved nothing. It was a good thing that LaShawn was there because he was the voice of reason and calmed both divas down. Eventually, they were able to work together and produce a hot track!

Band Rehearsal

After a stressful week of photo shoots and vocal lessons, Tamar headed to band rehearsal and found her sister, Trina, in the building! Surprise surprise! Tamar was excited to be working with Nissan, who was the best musical director in the business, and she knew that with everything in his hands, she would produce something amazing. Once rehearsal started, Tamar turned off her diva mode and gave us super star Tamar. She definitely showed us why she deserves to be a star! Whew, what an exhausting couple of days preparing for this showcase, and she hasn’t even had a chance to pick her dancers yet!

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