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Hillary Clinton will be stepping down from her position as Secretary of State in January and she’s leaving some mighty big shoes to fill. Clinton’s time as the Secretary of State was one of the most diplomatic successes this role has seen in some time.

According to Policy Mic, Clinton has formed a coalition to stop Qaddafi’s massacres in Libya and convinced Russia and China in the UN Security Council to help isolate Iran and North Korea (whether right or wrong, she succeeded in her pursuit). She is all about that diplomacy life and it shows because Clinton continues to be an advocate for developing relations with nongovernmental organizations, making sure the voices of the people are heard.

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In an interview with ELLE Magazine, Clinton said, “A lot of the work I do here in the State Department on women’s or human-rights issues is not just because I care passionately — which I do — but because I see it as [a way] to increase security to fulfill American interests. These are foreign-policy and national-security priorities for me.”

All in all, Clinton’s done a phenomenal job in this role. And while it’s sad to see her go, it’s exciting to welcome someone new in this role to see if they could measure up to the bar that Clinton’s set.

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The people lined up to take over Clinton’s job are Massachusetts Senator ex-Presidential nominee John Kerry and former Utah Governor, ambassador to China and Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Women are typically the best choice for this type of role. We are known for our emotional intelligence and intuition. As Secretary of State, you’re dealing with worldly despair like death, war, etc. Women often react from the heart and men…well, they just don’t. As Jezebel so eloquently asked, “Do we want our allies to think we’re a bunch of callous jerks who are totally unmoved by the death of innocents?”

In 1997, our country faced incredible change, appointing Madeline Albright as the first woman to be Secretary of State. Since then, each person to fill the role has made great historical strides (Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton). Before these former secretaries, our country always appointed a white man, but are we ready for that demographic again?

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