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I stopped liking rapper The Game (“The” sometimes optional) after the eleventh time he disrespected a woman on camera. That accounts for the time he spit on a woman, the time he insulted a woman over her weight while onstage and the time he cursed a woman (we’re pretty sure it was his fiancee) out on the street after she tried to calm him down following a physical altercation. As you can see, my disdain for the Compton emcee was high. I say “was” because after watching his new VH1 reality show “Marrying The Game,” my hatred eased up…slightly. Beneath the face tattoos, red bandanas and toothless scowl, Game– real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor– is actually a family man. He and his longtime girlfriend Tiffney are preparing to walk down the aisle, but, like most couples they face some obstacles. Unlike most couples, those obstacles include: late night studio sessions, frequent trips around the world and constant interaction with groupies. But, Tiffney is willing to make it work, Kudos!

Last night, the premiere episode taught us a lot about the gorgeous couple and even though Jayceon can, at times, be an a-hole, he’s a semi (almost)-funny, caring guy. He even planned a “cake war” (which he lost) to please his wife who desperately sought his input on their wedding.

Editor’s note: By cake war, we mean the stuff you eat.

I used to question, who in their right mind would date Jayceon, let alone marry him, but Tiffney fits the pizza pie. She’s demanding, mild and direct when she needs to be. I like her! and I love this show.

Check out a clip from last night:

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