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I am African American and I have long, beautiful hair, but recently my hair has been coming out when I don’t comb it for three days or more.  I shampoo and condition it, and use a hot oil treatment for my hair weekly.  I am 45 and I get gray hairs around the hairline that I hate, so I use MS Clairol premium crème soy complex about every other week to cover my gray with a 20 volume developer.  Then, in the next month or two I would use MS Clairol beautiful collection advance gray whenever I get tired of the crème soy complex.  Now my hair comes out in long strands when I comb it.  On the left side of my head by the ear, my hair has broken off all the way at the scalp.  After that I went to the beauty supply store and purchased an Aphogee protein treatment, the one that hardens the hair, but this still will not help with the breakage. I do take a medication called Tramadol, 10 mg, whenever needed, but not on a consistent basis. Can you please give me some information on what I can use to alleviate this problem?


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Hey Sheila!

We shed around 150 hair strands per day. I’m wondering if some of the hair that’s “breaking” is the hair that would have normally shed during the days when you didn’t comb your hair.  In terms of color, gray hair can be coarser than hair with pigment. So it’s important to hydrate from the inside out (e.g., water, well balanced diet), and through hydrating products, particularly shampoos and conditioners. I suggest refraining from any home-coloring. Perhaps, what you’re using is conflicting with your hair and medicine. Also, too much protein can have adverse effects as well. Additionally, certain medications can be drying on hair and scalp. Ultimately, dry hair leads to breakage. I’d like to know when you started noticing the breakage? Has anything in your hair care regimen changed? Did you switch color brands? Did you notice the breakage after you started on the medication? Please speak with your doctor about the effects of your medication. Following your conversation, make an appointment with a professional stylist.  You’ll need a delicate balance of moisture and protein.

You can start with these products from Design Essentials: Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo (use this shampoo 1st), Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo, Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner, HCO Leave In Conditioner.

Happy Hair!

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