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My hair is very thin in front.  I have tried regrow, etc.,  and it still hasn’t grown at all.  Also, it gets so sore at time, like when I use a perm . Can you help me? I want it to grow back natural. I haven’t used perm in a while .


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I’m happy to know you’re abstaining from relaxers. For now, avoid all chemicals, including color. I do have a few questions. Are you on any medication? How’s your health and stress level? Do you place tension on the front of your hair? For example, do you wear your hair in ponytails regularly? Have you worn tight braids in the past? Do you apply heat several times a week?   Do you sleep on satin or silk pillow cases or wear satin or silk scarves to bed (which you should)? These questions and answers can impact your hair health. Please send me a response.


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