I think we’ve just about enough of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as the three part reunion special came to a close last night. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start off discussing Kim and Big Poppa’s relationship because no one can seem to forget the fact that Big Poppa was still legally married while dating Kim. Kim attempts to explain that Big Poppa was in the middle of a divorce while she and him were dating, and all of a sudden Cynthia gains a backbone and fires shots at Kim calling her a  “whore”, a “mistress” and saying that “it wasn’t right” to date a married man. The girls go back and forth until Marlo chimes in and changes the subject to Kandi and her new relationship. Kandi is asked if she took offense when Marlo called Kandi a sugar mama. Kandi laughed it off saying that she thought it was funny. She also said, “I don’t give a damn if I have to take care of every m****f****r in this building,” which apparently was humorous to Marlo as she continued to egg Kandi on, asking her if her new man had a job and how much money he made. Shame on you Kandi for letting Marlo’s antics get under your skin, but she definitely stood by her man, telling the girls that he makes a lot of money and drives a Ranger Rover (two points for you Kandi!) Kandi then fires back at Marlo, calling her an escort. Not sure what Marlo’s problem is with Kandi all of a sudden, but I guess she needs anything to keep her place on the cast right?

Of course, the infamous trip to South Africa is brought up again, and the girls talk about how their experience was an eye opener and helped them realize how fortunate they are to live the lives they do. This moment doesn’t last long however, as the girls go into to who is the leader of the smalls (Kim) and who is the leader of the talls (Nene). All of the girls deny the fact that Kim and Nene are the leaders of their “groups” but one thing everyone can agree on is that Cynthia changes whenever she is around Nene. Although Cynthia is the only one who denies this, everyone else (even Marlo) thinks it’s true.

Marlo admits to being upset about not being invited to Sheree’s friend’s dinner party in Africa, and doesn’t seem to understand why a gay host wouldn’t want to have a fun, label wearing, beautiful black woman at his dinner party. SMH

We were then taken down memory lane when Sheree’s past confrontations aired (including my personal favorite; “who gon’ check me boo?”). We saw Sheree come a long way from the first season when she and Nene ganged up on Kim and pulled her wig outside of a restaurant, till now when Sheree and Kim are BFF’s and Nene is doing her own thing. The girls had a brief discussion about their 10-plus year friendship that is now down the drain, and you couldn’t help but to think that they might actually deep down miss each other’s company, especially when Kim and Nene were asked to say one nice thing about each other and they both said the other one was fun.

Nene began to talk about her accomplishments and her acting role on the show,”Glee”. She believed that the other girls’ were haters and didn’t celebrate her success, but the other girls explained that that wasn’t the case and they were happy that she was doing well, despite their differences. Nene then revealed that she is the one that brought Sheree and Kim on to the show in the first place and had to convince producers to allow Kim and Sheree to join the cast since Kim is a white female and Sheree was just too boring.

Kim agrees that Nene brought her on the show, and is thankful because it led her to her husband and her son, KJ. Sheree, on the other hand, refuses to give Nene credit for bringing her on the show, which really doesn’t matter too much anymore since Sheree won’t be returning next season anyway.

Finally, the reunion comes to an end and what did we solve? Absolutely nothing.

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