I remember when I first heard about Rihanna’s “777 Tour,” I was extremely jealous. I couldn’t figure out why #TeamBeautiful wasn’t selected and I stalked Instagram and Twitter for mentions of the tour so that I could give my jealousy a visual.

Seven countries, seven days, seven shows. It’s the type of thing that sounded like a dream come true on paper. You get to spend quality time with Rihanna (all while helping her promote her latest album, Unapologeticout today), network with other journalists and sure…there were a number of fans and contest winners on board, but the excitement of it all should have washed away any trepidation of sharing a #Rihannaplane (yes this is a thing) with 200 other folks, right? Wrong!

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Words like “anarchy” and “mutiny” have been thrown around and there were even few nude moments and not from our favorite bad gal, but from a journalist. Basically, it’s getting real on #RihannaPlane.

Things are not all what they were expected to be. Maybe too many of us (myself included) had high hopes for Rihanna’s whirlwind world tour, but before the lucky chosen ones reached the second country, the natives were starting to get restless.

From the likes of Billboard to Necole Bitchie to an editor named Jawnita, “777 Tour” goers collectively sound as if they wish they were never hand-picked. Check out the seven reasons (via Tweets)that these people wish they’d never accepted the exclusive invite to tour with Rihanna:

1. If your thing isn’t writing, eating muffins and wildin’ out, this tour ain’t for you!

2. If you aren’t a celebrated blogger, you’re not getting any Ri Ri lovin’ or exclusives (like these two)

3. Crying babies and mothballs

4. More swag than actual Rihanna facetime

5. Nudity (not from Rihanna this time)

6. Job security is threatened

7. When praying for a plane crash is the only way out

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