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Looking forward to undoing your top button at your momma’s kitchen table in a few days? Read this first! Did you know that the average person eats almost 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day?! Gurl that is more than two days worth of calories!!! And while I understand that this scrumptious feast only comes once a year, this year, try these few tips and dine without losing your mind:

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  • Crunch, Then Munch: What better way to say thank you to your body than clocking a fun sweat session on Turkey Day. Before the big meal schedule whatever form of activity that makes you smile, so that when “Auntie Awesome” breaks out her award-winning sweet potato pies you can indulge sans guilt. And if you’re really up for the challenge, up the intensity and duration of all your sweat sessions the entire week.
  • Don’t Start On “E”: Show the breakfast table some love this year so your stomach’s not grumbling before the gobbling. A starving woman will eventually become a binging woman, so don’t set yourself up sis! Eat before the feast.
  • Pace Yourself: Yes (fist pump to the air)! The 1 p.m. scheduled meal is ready by 5 p.m. this year and not 7 p.m. You have been waiting all day and your impulse is to shove dressing in your mouth fistfuls at a time. Don’t! Instead take a deep breath and do these five simple things: Bite. Chew. Swallow. Drink. Talk. Repeat this cycle so you can really savor the year’s best meal. P.S. Plus everyone knows food tastes better on day two…keep this in mind when you consider going for round three on day one.
  • Lighten Your Load: The blessing and the curse in having a “spread” at Thanksgiving is, that while there are a lot of choices to be had…not all those choices are created equal. Fill your plate with mostly veggies first, lean protein (hello white meat), and then the carbs (80% of the spread). And when dessert comes around, opt for the pumpkin and fruity treats. The chocolate and nutty treats are higher in calories/fat, so take smaller slivers of those.
  • Drink Everything: Ever throw a party and end up with more empty wine bottles than water bottles? Happens all the time. This year I double dog dare you to drink everything. The water in larger doses than the vino of course. Not only will you stay hydrated, but you will stay connected to all the family fun this wonderful holiday brings!

Happy Thanksgiving Sistah Girl! 

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