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Last night’s episode of “Tamar & Vince” showed us that Tamar Braxton is multi-talented. Aside from being Toni Braxton’s little sister and being a phenomenal singer herself, Tamar may also have a career in modeling ahead of her, as she walked during New York Fashion Week for the very first time. Between starving herself to fit into her dress, being overly nervous that she would fall flat on her face on the catwalk and dealing with the super annoying, wanna be assistant, Benji, Tamar nailed her model walk.

Check out some of the highlights of last night’s episode below.

Papa Braxton came to visit:

Tamar’s father came to visit her and Vince and planned to stay with them for a couple of days. Tamar, being a daddy’s girl, was beyond excited to see her father and couldn’t wait to spend time with him and Vince together- her two favorite boys! (I guess Miracle doesn’t fit in that equation). Vince was also excited to see Tamar’s dad since he looked at him like a father figure as well. Vince and Papa Braxton took a break from Tamar and went golfing. Papa Braxton used this as an excuse to really talk to Vince about his marriage and give him some advice on how to make things perfect with his daughter. Just because his marriage didn’t work out with Tamar’s mom, didn’t mean that he couldn’t give some great marital advice, or at least tell Vince what NOT to do! Vince assured Papa Braxton that he loved Tamar very much, and that they were going to keep pushing to make it work.

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Brunch with Papa Braxton, April & LaShawn

Since everybody loved Papa Braxton, April & LaShawn decided that they would come and have brunch with Vince and Tamar and Papa Braxton before he left to go back home. During the brunch, Mr. Braxton started discussing some of the issues that married couples often had and stressed that men want respect and that arguing causes attack. During the conversation, April and LaShawn revealed that they had been arguing a lot lately, which caused April to burst into tears at the table. Tamar and Vince tried to console their friends and offer them advice on their marriage, similar to the way that LaShawn and April gave Tamar and Vince advice during their rocky period. My, how the tables have turned. Good thing that these two have each other to lean on

Tamar Walks During New York Fashion Week

Tamar was asked to walk in New York Fashion Week and although she was excited to strut her stuff on the runway, she was also very nervous. To make matters worse, she was starving herself so she could fit into her dress and her face was breaking out badly due to all of the traveling that she had been doing lately. No bueno. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so Tamar took a shot to take away some of the pimples on her face and get herself prepared for her big runway debut. Vince was more exited about Tamar’s model walk than she was, and was so proud have her on his arm. After seeing how beautiful his wife looked when she was all done up and ready to go, he was ready to start booking Tamar some modeling gigs of her own! “Call 1-800-Call-Tamar for bookings,” Vince told the cameras. The only problem was that Tamar hated her makeup the day of the show, and her wanna-be assistant, Benji, was doing THEE MOST and hovering over her and barely letting her breathe! “Benji was giving a fruit fly a run for it’s money,” Tamar told cameras. Poor Benji, he wanted that assistant job BAD! When the time came for Tamar to hit the catwalk, she nailed it, as usual, and all of her dieting (starving) and practice paid off! She proved yet again that she was a star!

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