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We should all know by now that editing plays a huge part in reality television. But this “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” drama situation seems to live a life of it’s own and with each episode it grows. The newest cast member, Kenya Moore, seems to be fitting right in. Rumors are circulating all about the blogosphere that she’s all into Phaedra’s husband Apollo.

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“Apollo, he’s kind of fine,” said Kenya, on the season opening teaser that shows her and Apollo frolicking together in a pool and go-cart racing. The clip becomes even more juicy when Kenya is seen tearfully admitting that she has feelings someone, and we are all left to assume that it’s Phaedra’s man. Though it’s not made clear who that man is.

Spicy indeed! Welp, Kenya recently visited the Tom Joyner Morning Show and killed the rumors.

On how she is portrayed on Real Housewives Of Atlanta:

I think, you know, it’s taken some time for me to adjust on the editing process. I think, you know, people that know me and have known me for the last 20 years in the business I’ve definitely been, you know, a classy woman. I’ve been articulate. I’m a lot of things. And the show seems to be moving my, you know, editing process, or my image in a certain direction.

On her relationship with Phaedra and Apollo and her non-classy woman ways:

I think you need to watch the show because, you know, when you have a teaser out there, or what most people would consider commercial, you, they’re designed to make you want to tune in. So some things are definitely taken out of context, and let me be the first to say I’m not interested in anybody’s husband. Not Phaedra’s, not anybody else’s. So you can put that on the record.

And there you have that. I personally think that Kenya is trying a bit too hard to be the next NeNe. But hey! I’d love to get her in the #TeamBeautiful office and get the real story. Let me make some calls!

Listen to the entire interview here.

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