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Last night was yet another episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” full of nothing but drama! We got a closer look into the life of the life of the newest house wife, Kenya Moore, and even witness the reunion of Kim and Nene! Check out some of the recap below:

The Nene Parade 

Nene Leaks has arrived and she is definitely doing her thing! On last night’s episode, she celebrated her successful role in “The New Normal” with a parade in Los Angeles. When she arrived to the venue she was overwhelmed with emotion! There were thousands of fans that attended who were screaming her name and begging to get her picture or autograph. “I can’t believe all these people know who I am,” Nene told cameras as she started crying. Perhaps they knew her name because the people who attended the parade already knew which celebrity they came to see but either way, Nene is winning!

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Kenya’s Boyfriend’s Big Secret

The newest housewife, Kenya Moore, was having man problems. Although she had been proposed to more than once before, she was now ready to get married and have babies, after all that biological clock was ticking and she wanted to have children the natural way. She introduced us to her boyfriend, Walter, whom she relocated to Atlanta to be with but it seemed like these two didn’t really know too much about each other at all, even after dating for two years. When Kenya asked Walter to tell her something about him that she didn’t already know, things went left. He told Kenya that he asked Kandi out before, but she turned him down. Kenya was FURIOUS at that news. She didn’t want to give Kandi the satisfaction of knowing that her man had asked her out before. Kenya was so upset that she wanted to take her food to go. After some smooth talking, Walter convinced her to stay and finish the date with him, but I’m sure this isn’t the last we will hear about Walter and Kandi’s “past.”

The Talls & The Smalls Reunite

Nene’s BFF, Cynthia, decided that she should throw a party for Nene to celebrate all of her success in Hollywood. Nene was beyond flattered by her friends gesture, but wanted the party to not only be about her, but about all successful women. Since she was now friends with Phaedra she invited Kandi and Kim as well. Shocking! Nene said that she was above all of the drama and negativity that happened last season, and just wanted to keep positive people around her, and the first step was mending things with the “smalls.” Kandi and Kim were both shocked, but decided to attend. Everyone seemed to be getting along well in the beginning, which is probably due to the fact that Nene was hours late to the soiree because of a wardrobe malfunction. When she did arrive Kim was on her way out the door. When they crossed paths, it was incredibly awkward. Nene kept it cool though, complimented Kim and Sweetie on their dresses, and asked Kim if she could stay for five more minutes just to enjoy the party with her. Kim told Nene that she would stay, but as soon as Nene turned her back, she bolted out the door to go home. SMH. Nene was a little upset but since she’s all about positivity now but she didn’t let it get to her.

Cynthia vs. Kenya [Round 2]

Kenya and Cynthia just can’t get along. During the party, Cynthia got up to make a speech about her friend Nene and thank everyone for attending. After she finished, Kenya grabbed the microphone and repeated everything that Cynthia just said and basically made a mockery out of Cynthia at her own party! Kenya needs to have several seats! Later, Kenya pulled Nene to the side and told her that she hoped that they could develop a friendship even though she and Cynthia didn’t get along.  Kenya is definitely doing the most! It’ll be interesting to see if they develop a friendship…

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