In an attempt to teach his kids yet another life lesson, our favorite hip-hop father Tip, decided that it was time for his kiddies to earn their own money with an old-fashioned lemonade stand. Meanwhile, Tiny accompanied Niq-Niq on her first performance of the “Scream Tour” and brought along her mother for the ride. Check out some of the highlights below:

The value of a dollar

Since all of Tip’s kids had approached him about wearing all of his expensive clothes and chains, he decided that it was time to teach them the value of a dollar. Tip explained that he worked hard to be able to have the type of lifestyle that he lived, and if they wanted to live like him, they needed to make their own money. They decided to open a lemonade stand and sell lemonade outside of Tiny’s Nail Bar to get the most costumers. Great idea, but you can’t have a lemonade stand without the stand, so Tip told the kids that they needed to build their own stand first!

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Making & Selling the lemonade

After they built the stand, it was time to make the lemonade. Cute little Major contributed in his own way by licking the lemons and sticking his hand in the sugar jar before adding it to the finished product. “Did he just lick a lemon and put it — y’all didn’t see that. Keep rollin’,” Tip told cameras, oh but we saw it Tip, we definitely saw! Major’s little hands must have added the extra flavor, because when “Uncle” Nelly tasted the lemonade, he agreed that it was probably the best lemonade that he ever had.  After the lemonade was made, it was time to open shop. The kids’ first tactic of yelling “lemonade” wasn’t that successful, until King stepped up and created a sign to reel costumers in. At the end of the day, the kids made about $86 dollars from their first day of work. Not bad!

3. Mama W’s birthday

While the rest of the kids were busy with the lemonade stand, Niq-Niq was busy performing at the Scream Tour. Tiny and her mother, Mamaw, were on hand to support Niq the whole way, and it was an extra special day because it was also Tiny’s mother’s birthday. “The girls are really showing out, doing their thing, and my mom’s crying like crazy,” Tiny told cameras.  As a special surprise, Niq decided to bring her grandmother on stage and tell the audience how much she loved her! So cute! Perfect mother-daughter-grandmother bonding trip!

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