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Ready or not, the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are back for another season. On last night’s season premiere, we got an update on what the ladies (minus Sheree) have been up to since we last left them and even met a new cast member, Kenya Moore, who seemed to add a little “extra spice in the gumbo.” Check out some of the highlights from each cast member below!

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Nene Leakes

When Nene Leakes walks into the room she owns it! On this episode, Nene traveled to L.A for a couple of meetings including one with a big time TV producer for her upcoming role on “The New Normal.” She was considering making the move to LA full time since she was establishing herself as a real actress and had been landing new television roles left and right. Acting wasn’t the only thing that was going well for Nene, she and her husband Greg were trying to work out their relationship. It looked like neither one of them was trying to let 15 years of marriage go down the drain! Nene wouldn’t give into Greg that easily though. He definitely had to work to earn Nene’s love back but first, all he wanted was a key to Nene’s new home so he wouldn’t feel like the UPS man each time he came to her house and rung the door bell. Baby steps, Greg, baby steps.

Kandi Burruss

Things were also looking great for Kandi. She was spending a lot of time with her new boo, Todd, whom she met last year while in Africa with the other girls. Her and Todd were in the process of moving in together and paid for their new home in Atlanta in cold, hard cash, which by the way was the name that they wanted to name their unborn son. Makes perfect sense!

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra is still in the funeral home business, but wanted to take her talents to the next level and start doing pet funerals. With dreams of being the “Vera Wang of funerals,” she took her ideas to the local vet. Phaedra believed that people treated their pets as an extension of their family, so why not give them the proper burial as well?

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Kim Zolciak

Things with Kim weren’t so great. Although she was pregnant with her and Kroy’s second child, they had been evicted out of their home and only had a few weeks to pack everything and find a new place to live. With all the stress of being pregnant and finding a new house, Kim rehired Sweetie to basically do everything that Kim didn’t want to do, which included finding a new home for her family to live. Kim seemed frustrated that she was being evicted out of her house but even more frustrated that she couldn’t have a glass of wine to calm her down. Typical Kim.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia was still working on The Bailey Agency School of Fashion and teamed up with JET Magazine to hold an open model call for “JET Beauty of the Week.” She enlisted former Miss USA, model and Atlanta housewife newcomer, Kenya Moore, to assist with judging the auditions. Things with the audition started off great, but ended rocky when Kenya started to make rude remarks to the models and even asked one model why was she even there. It looked like Cynthia finally gained a backbone over the RHOA hiatus, because she stood up to Kenya and her obscene behavior, telling her that her behavior is not something that she or JET Magazine wanted to be associated with. Ouch! Judging by the previews, it looked like Kenya was a firecracker that was just waiting to explode, and Cynthia just lit the first match.

Kenya Moore

Kenya was the newcomer to the group, and although it seemed as if she was full of drama, she was actually pretty smart and an established businesswoman of her own. She owns a production company, Moore Vision Media, and recently moved to Atlanta to be closer to her family and friends. Aside from acting, modeling and making rude comments to aspiring models at “JET Beauty of the Week” casting calls, Kenya was focused on getting married and starting a family of her own, despite the fact that she already turned down six marriage proposals from six different men in the past leaving us to wonder what type of men does Kenya really attract?

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