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I decided to quit my job because…

I realized it was the ideal time to take a bet on me! It was the perfect time in my life to assume the risks of being an entrepreneur. My strengths, passion and background made me well-positioned to own and operate a successful business and reap the rewards.

I have always considered owning my own business, but it was never the right time, nor had I identified the right business model. So, instead, I passionately (and patiently) pursued a career as a Human Resources professional for some of the world’s leading brands (Pepsi, General Mills and Starbucks).

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During this time I had the great fortune of both loving and being successful in my HR career. Each of these experiences allowed me to build lasting relationships, be a part of great teams and drive strong results. But, equally important for my current entrepreneurial pursuits, each experience helped me to build a solid foundation in what is required to successfully operate a business, to build high-performing teams and to create strong, recognizable brands.

I decided to quit my job because…

I found myself at a bit of a cross-road–enjoying my work, but with diminished passion. Increasingly I felt less challenged, and more discontent; and while I still very much enjoyed my career, the nagging feeling that it was time to pursue entrepreneurship–in all its risks, and potential glory, wouldn’t go away. This forced me to begin reflecting, and seriously revisiting what was next for me.

I spent time thinking through what I most appreciated about my current work environment, identifying the strengths I enjoyed leveraging, and listing the aspects of my day-to-day that contributed to me feeling passionate, energized and excited. The more I thought through what I wanted and most enjoyed, the more all roads led back to taking a calculated leap of faith, and leaving my corporate career to pursue a ‘dormant’ dream of being an entrepreneur.

I decided to quit my job because…

After months of weighing the pros and cons I no longer had great answers to the questions, “Why not entrepreneurship”? And better yet, “Why not now?!”

Victoria Anderson is a former Human Resource executive who has worked for companies such as Pepsi, General Mills and Starbucks. She recently decided to step out on faith and quit her job to pursue entrepreneurship by opening her own State Farm Insurance business. Victoria may be reached at

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