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t.i the family hustle

This week on “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” it was Humanitarian Day at Tiny’s nail salon. To celebrate, Tiny held a canned food and clothing drive to benefit the homeless. During the event, one of the attendees brought over the cutest little dog to give to Tiny and her kids to play with! Of course, the kids wanted to take the dog home, but if we know anything about Daddy Tip it’s that he is not going to allow his kids to have a pet dog.  When Domani told his dad about the free puppy, Tip crushed all of his kid’s doggie dreams before they could even form them. “I don’t want no dog. I don’t want my yard to smell like poop. I don’t play with poop.”

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Exhibit A: King’s hamster, Snowball. Poor little Snowball just passed away and Tip had to figure out the best way to break the news to King, who didn’t take it so well. Tip promised his son that he would give Snowball the proper burial and that’s just what he did. During Snowball’s funeral service in the backyard of the Harris house, Tip delivered the eulogy and while Tiny recited a poem in Snowball’s memory. Let the church say, Amen!

After seeing how devastated her son was after Snowball’s death, Tiny tried to convince Tip to change his no pet rule. “Everybody has to die,” Tiny told Tip. “They sure do expedite the process by coming here”.

Tip decided that if the kids proved they could be responsible that he would consider letting them have another pet. The kids started to do chores around the house i.e. taking out the trash, washing dishes and washing the cars. After Tip inspected the house, he rewarded his children with a small pet rabbit! Although it wasn’t a dog, the kids were happy to have another pet in the house. They named the rabbit Fido, and Tip declared that Fido would live past the Harris Family pet curse!

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