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Don’t let Halloween “trick” you into too many “treats” this year! I know, I know, I know…this candy indulgent holiday only comes once a year. But don’t be fooled, we have a couple more sweet-infested holidays right around the corner. So this year indulge with out the extra bulge with these easy tips:

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Pick Your Flavor

Before you fist dive into your coworker’s or child’s candy stash this year, shake things up and be a little picky. What are you craving? Chocolatey, fruity, nutty, minty etc. Once you decide treat yourself to one or two pieces only. It’s not tricky….four fun size candy bars equals the full thing, so pick wisely.

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Hide And Seek

In the spirit of tricks, this season trick your cravings by hiding your stash. Voila, out of sight out of mind. If doesn’t do the trick, make it harder and ask someone else to hide it for you. Hunting your candy down will give you time to check in with your craving. Who knows? You may not want that sweet treat so bad after all!

Treat It As A Treat

Not a meal. Make sure to have delicious, filling and healthy meal before trick or treating. Sweet temptations on an empty or unsatisfied stomach sets you up for a serious binge. This year make your Halloween treats the desert in your diet, not the main dish.

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