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It’s coming down to the wire with the election, so the Romney and Obama campaigns are starting to get creative in their tactics. President Obama joked at a charity about his lackluster performance at the first debate, claiming it was the perfect time for a nap so that he was well rested for the second debate, of which he dominated Mitt Romney.

From Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” to President Obama buying said ad on Twitter, all’s fair in campaigning and war. Just ask the pranksters that have called Florida and Virginia elderly Spanish and Black voters to let them know they could vote via phone. The nerve! Someone’s trying to sabotage the people that would be obviously voting for President Obama’s second term.

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At least the FLOTUS has our president’s back in this election. In the latest ELLE magazine, she urges female voters, just like you, to be aware who it is that they are voting for. Not to worry, you won’t have to scour the entire internet for these stories. I’ve got them right here for you. Spoiler alert–there’s nothing about Drake graduating from high school. Even though we’re proud of him.

As always, you’re welcome.


1. Binders Full Of Women

Mitt Romney’s reasoning behind his “binders full of women” was to diversify his cabinet. Funny story–Romney’s claims turned out to be untrue. But that didn’t stop the binders from becoming a viral phenom! Check out some of my favorite from Tumblr and Twitter. Check out what Daily Beast had to say about Romney’s stance on women’s issues regarding his “binders full of women.”


2. Prank Phone Calls To Black & Spanish Elderly Voters To Suppress Their Votes

Many older Viriginia-dwelling voters were reported to have received phone calls telling them they could vote via phone. Similar calls have been reported in Florida. That’s such a shame. These poor old folks have no idea that someone is going through all this trouble to keep them from casting their predictable votes for President Obama. There are also reports from callers into African-American and Spanish-speaking radio stations in Florida claiming they’d received warnings over the phone that election officials would be checking car insurance and registration status at the polls. Check out the full story on Huffington Post.


3. President Obama Isn’t Confused About Libya

President Obama appeared on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and on it, he remained serious and 100 percent focused on the troubles in Libya. Stewart held no punches, asking only about the Obama Administration’s response to the attacks in Benghazi. President Obama said, “We weren’t confused about the fact that four Americans had been killed. I wasn’t confused about the fact that we needed to ramp up diplomatic security around the world right after it happened. I wasn’t confused about the fact that we had to investigate exactly what happened so it gets fixed. And I wasn’t confused about the fact that we’re going to hunt down whoever did it and bring them to justice.” Read the full story on NYMag.com.

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4. FLOTUS’ Letter To The Ladies

First Lady Michelle Obama wrote an open letter to women in the latest issue of ELLE. In it, she asks women before voting to think about “Who’s looking out for me?” and “Who’s thinking about my family?” It’s obvious that President Obama is all about women’s rights, but his wife makes it plain for us. Check out the full letter on ELLE.



5. Trayvon Martin’s Parents Continue To Fight To Change Laws

Trayvon Martin–the unarmed Florida teen who was murdered by neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman lost his life after a fight with Zimmerman. In said fight, Zimmerman claimed he acted in self-defense, thus allowing his lawyer to use Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as a defense. Martin’s parents–Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin want to change this law. Read their entire story on ABC News.

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