Recently, I shared a story about a night out with a friend that ended with the question: What would Stacey Dash do? In that post, I encouraged all of my lovelies to harness their inner Stacey and be stunning no matter their age. After all, that’s what Stacey would do. On Sunday, we learned something else Stacey would do… vote for Mitt Romney:

It was the tweet heard around Black Twitter (yes, cap B and cap T because it has a life of its own!). There was backlash and it was racially charged, rude and ridiculous. So much so that I won’t give it real estate in this post. If you’re curious, Google it. The fury was so intense that it thrust Stacey into the national media spotlight. On Tuesday she appeared exclusively on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss the matter. To be clear, Stacey Dash was interviewed about politics by Piers Morgan live on CNN. Thanks, Black Twitter.

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So, here’s my question: Why y’all mad? Let’s look at the facts:

1) She said she would VOTE! It’s 2012 and our president is black, yet voter apathy among the African-American population is still an issue. She’s exercising a right that past generations have fought for her – and you – to have. I’m not mad at that.

2) She said she would vote for Mitt Romney. Ok, I understand Mitt Romney may not be the candidate of choice for many African-Americans, but the last time I checked Stacey Dash does not vote for all African-Americans. She casts her vote for the candidate that she thinks is right for the job. And guess what? You should too! Which brings me to this:

Not only should you vote, and not only should you vote for the candidate of your choice, but – if you’re so inclined – you should use whatever platform at your disposal to share your view, talk about your candidate’s views, and dish about your perspective. It’s called free speech. It’s a constitutional right. Exercise it.

More importantly, it’s called POV – and everyone, especially women, should have some. In business, in love, and in life, be unapologetic about what you stand for, what you believe in and where you place your loyalties. And that’s not about doing what Stacey Dash would do – that’s about doing you!

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