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You can’t help but to love the Harris Family, especially the head honcho– Tipas he’s always thinking of new ways to whip his family into shape. On this episode of “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle”:  Tip was tired of watching his family’s unhealthy regiments, so he decided to take away all the candy, donuts, and sugar cereal and begin the Harris Family Fitness Challenge. Since Shekinah was always around, she was apart of the family fitness challenge as well, whether she liked it or not. Shekinah changed her tune when Tip put money on the line and said that whoever was in the best shape would get $1000, count me in!

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The first part of the fitness challenge was “run until you can’t count anymore.” Tip made his kids run laps around the house until Major and King got so tired that they couldn’t run anymore. “Man, I have a cramp!” King told his dad. “Tired? After just one lap? This is just the beginning. Toughen up. Let’s get it!” I would hate to have Tip as my personal trainer!

Meanwhile, Tiny and Shekinah went to the gym to start working on their fitness. They thought they escaped Tip’s wrath but surprise surprise, there he was in the gym watching their every move. Leave it to Shekinah to do something crazy! She brought a strawberry milkshake to the gym and expected to get work done! “Only Shekinah would bring a strawberry milkshake to a workout,” Tip said as he turned up the speed on the treadmill.

Shekinah wasn’t with the whole working out, running on the treadmill and sweating thing so she decided that the best way to lose weight was to get a good old-fashioned colon cleansing.  She tried to convince Tiny to get one with her, but after seeing the tube the doctor used and hearing Shekinah scream, she quickly changed her mind and I think I would have too!

After a long week of training, Tip brought the family to the track for the final fitness challenge. The fitness challenge consisted of shuttle runs, push-ups, sit ups and the “sit and reach.”  Shekinah arrived to the track late and missed the whole fitness challenge because she couldn’t stop going to the bathroom after her colon cleanse. “That’s what she gets for being a pain in the butt all the time, karma,” Tip said. All of the kids proved that they were in shape and Tip couldn’t reward just one of his children with the $1000 prize so he split it amongst all of the kiddies. Too cute! Again we’re reminded why Tip is the world’s greatest dad.

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