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What would you choose? An in-office $150 microdermabrasion treatment or an at-home $75 ‘microdermabrasion-like’ treatment that gives you the same results sans the machine? If  you’re like me, then you’ll choose to pay the lesser amount to get the same results and skip the fancy office machinery.

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Just this week, I was re-introduced to the Goldfaden MD™ natural skin care brand at the famed New York City’s Henri Bendels and what a re-introduction it was. The entire line, comprised of seven products, was relaunched in new green and white packaging, a move meant to speak to women like you and me – I’d say they succeeded hands down.

While all of the products are noteworthy, Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator (DS) ($75, goldfaden.com) is by far my number one pick because it leaves skin smoother and brighter the way a medi-spa microdermabrasion would. The key ingredients in DS are ruby crystals to remove dull skin, hyaluronic acid to hold in moisture, jojoba oil to re-hydrate skin and seaweed extract which acts as a firming agent and antioxidant.

Time and again you’ve probably heard the statement ‘you should only exfoliate a few times a week,’ but Doctor’s Scrub throws that “rule” away in favor of promoting safe exfoliation with a formula that’s gentle enough to be used everyday.

How Does DS Work? 

It promotes cell renewal by whisking away dead skin cells and revealing a brighter, clearer complexion. You really will notice a difference.

How Does DS Look?

At first glance it looks like a paste. In fact, you may not even think it’s an exfoliator because the beads aren’t readily recognizable like they are in similar products.

How Does DS Feel?

Doctor’s Scrub feels like a finer version of sugar or salt crystals.

How Do You Use DS?

You should apply a dollop of DS to damp skin and gently rub it onto your skin in sweeping circular motions and then rinse. The trick is remembering to use a gentle hand.

Check out another relaunched Goldfaden MD product that takes the place of pricey injections!

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