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tamar and vince

Last night on “Tamar & Vince,” our favorite TV couple dealt with the health scare that shook their worlds. Vince was still in the hospital but Tamar, of course, was right by his side. He promised the go to gym more, in addition to eating better with a nutritionist, but hated when his wife brought up changing his diet. Vince changed the subject and asked his wife to do the “nasty” in the hospital, Tamar told him to “get his life.” Come on Vince, the hospital bed?! That’s love!

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tamar and vince

With Vince sick, Tamar left to finish working on her album. Finally, it was time for Vince to come home from the hospital. Normally, this would be a happy time for the couple but leave it to Tamar and Vince to find something to argue about. The verbal claws started because Vince wanted to bring some of the flowers from the hospital home, but Tamar wasn’t having it because she didn’t want those dirty things in her house. Hospital flowers equal germs, according to Tamar and since she’s a hug germaphobe.

The argument then turned into a disagreement about their selfishness which then turned into each of them having an attitude that “smelled like a fart.”

tamar braxton

Vince felt rejuvenated after his trip to the gym. Afterwards, he and Tamar went car shopping which was good for the “mind, body and Tamar.” I’m not too sure why Tamar needed a new car since she had about three or four but I guess just like women switch up their shoes everyday, Tamar liked to switch up her cars (must be nice).

Tamar later found out that that Vince and LaShawn were going to try yoga, unbelieving, Tamar decided to sneak in and spy on the boys during their yoga class. When she found out the yoga instructor was a blonde woman, Tamar was not having it, especially since Tamar thought that Vince had a little fetish for blondes. Tamar interrupted the boys’ yoga class and caused a scene, teasing the boys about their yoga gear and telling them they were going to get a buff trainer to make them jealous. When Vince told Tamar that he was listening to what the lady told him to do, Tamar responded with, “so you gone listen to another woman?” Vince better watch it, because Tamar doesn’t play!

After ruining Vince and LaShawn’s yoga class, Tamar met up with her good childhood friend, Tia. During their, we found out a lot more about Tamar’s past. She opened up about her past abusive relationships, and expressed that she didn’t regret any of her past decisions because it led her to Vince. It was good to hear a different side of Tamar, underneath all the tough exterior.

After talking about Tamar’s past, Tia brought up another touchy subject: Tamar becoming a mom. Tamar told Tia that she wanted to have a child two years after completing her album, which seemed crazy to Tia. Tamar knew that Vince was upset about Tamar’s decision not to have a child right away, but she also wanted to do what was best for her.  It was clear that Tamar was not ready to become a mother, and still wanted to only worry about one person: Tamar. I eventually came to the conclusion that Tamar was going to become a mother on Tamar’s time, and no one could convince her otherwise.

After Tamar’s meeting, we got to see Vince at work. Vince and Tamar went to visit Mindless Behavior before they went on tour and seeing Mindless Behavior preparing for their big moment made Tamar even more anxious to put out her album. In the meeting, Vince played one of Tamar’s possible songs that didn’t have Tamar’s vocals on it yet. Tamar was furious that Vince would play that song for the boys without her vocals, and the two (of course) started arguing again. It’s clear that these two had some major tension that needed to be resolved! What happened to happy wife, happy life? In the end, Vince decided that he and Tamar should take a vacation to Hawaii to try to get things back on track with their relationship. Hopefully things go well during their vacation because if they don’t, “Hawaii is going to find out they had two extra volcanoes, the V and the T”.

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