DNA results have been released in regards to the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. The results show that only Zimmerman’s prints on the handgun used to kill Martin. Zimmerman is the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman charged of fatally shooting unarmed teen, Martin in “self-defense.”

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The results are the latest pieces of evidence in this major case that’s gained national attention because of race relations. While Zimmerman claimed self-defense caused the death of Martin, he never claimed that Martin reached or even held the gun.

He did, however, claim that Martin had been on top of him, slamming his head against the ground and smothering his mouth and nose with his hand and arm when Zimmerman grabbed his gun from a holster on his waist before Martin could get it. He shot the teen once in the chest.

Personally I am glad this DNA evidence has come out because now it gives the prosecution a chance to argue against self defense since Martin never touched the gun. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the defense will claim that Zimmerman shot Martin in fear of losing his life before Martin had a chance to reach for the gun. Mark my words, the powers that be in Zimmerman’s defense will try to use this tidbit of info to their advantage.

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