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On last night’s episode of “T.I and Tiny: The Family Hustle”, Tiny  adopted a new hustle: a talk show. Of course her best friend Shekinah wanted to be apart of the dream somehow. Tiny broke the news to her bestie that she was not apart of the original pilot and Shekinah’s facial expression pretty much said it all.. Shekinah’s problem: she does not know how to control her mouth! Wanting to prove Tiny wrong, she decided to tape a segment and pitch it back to Tiny to show her what she can do.

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Meanwhile, it was Major’s fourth birthday and the Harris family took all the kiddies to the science museum to celebrate. During the party, Tiny told Tip that Shekinah wanted to be apart of the show, and Tip suggested that it might be a good idea because it would add something that only Shekinah could bring. “Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife! Shekinah’s goin’ on the streets!” Tip said, which earned him an extra 10 cool points in my book.

Meanwhile, back at the Harris household there was trouble in paradise a.k.a “the white room.” It looked as if Major had taken it upon himself to sign his name on Tip’s white leather couch and if it’s one thing we’ve learned from watching this show is that NOTHING goes in the white room and I mean NOTHING!

Major already knew that he was in trouble, and he ran to his dad and told him “Come see what I did on the sofa” then quickly realized that he was going to get it. He got a major time out, and through the cutest little tantrum that I’ve ever seen!

The time finally came for Shekinah to show Tiny her footage, and to Tiny’s surprise, Shekinah was actually pretty good! “I went from behind the scenes to on the scene!…I finally made it to the top, y’all!” Shekinah said, you go girl!

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