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Our favorite reality television family is back for another season of “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” and it looks like things haven’t changed a bit in the Harris household. T.I is still the king of his castle, and per usual, calls a family meeting to beg his kids to stop playing with their electronics and go outside and get some fresh air. T.I suggests that the family go camping to get out and enjoy nature and bond as a family. “Do black people camp?,” Deyjah asks.

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“Martin Luther King fought for your right to go camping, just like anybody else! That settles it, we going camping!” T.I tells his family.

The kids (including Tiny) don’t seem too thrilled about the idea of going camping in the wilderness, but T.I seems to think it’s a great idea and lays down the ground rules: “no Skyping, tweefing, no Instagramming.” Sounds like a blast…

Tip takes the boys to go and buy camping equipment and tells the sales clerk that he wants the “mansion” of camping tents. Leave it to the Harris family to go camping in style. Meanwhile, Tiny prepares for the camping trip as well with a trip to the grocery store and picks up the essentials, “alcohol, snacks.. as, um.. and what else?” It looks like this camping trip will be a blast after all.

The gang finally heads out to the wilderness to go camping and after struggling with the mansion tent, Tip and the boys finally get it right and their camping trip is officially underway.

Everything seems to be going great until nightfall when everyone is gathered around the camp fire and they start to hear bear growls in the distance. It looks like Tip’s attempt on teaching the boys how to be men and protect the women went all out of the window as everyone ran and took for cover for fear of the bear, who turned out to be Snake (T.I’s bodyguard) in a bear costume! “Well. It looks like the girls did what they’re supposed to, headed for cover. And the men did what the girls were supposed to, too. I guess we’re just gonna have to work on that a little bit,” Tip tells cameras, but over all, the huge smile on his face shows us that he’s proud of his experience!

That’s not all from the Harris family, as the next episode that aired last night was a special Father’s Day episode. Tiny has a dilemma on her hands: “what do you get a man that has everything?” and Tip does have everything, so this Father’s Day is extra hard for her and the kids. “Just get me what your heart leads you to get me. Follow your heart,” T.I tells his wife, “Hopefully it leads you into the Bentley dealership, but follow your heart.”

Tiny asks the kids what they think they should get their father for Father’s Day, and it doesn’t look like they have any great ideas either. “Give him a hug?” Domani suggests. “We go to Lake Lanier and get on the boat and we go the that little surfboard thing,” King suggests.

“An airplane, another airplane and a jet,” Major suggests. “No, airplane, airplane, helicopter,” King corrects him. This is a disaster.

The Harris’ can’t worry too much about Father’s Day just yet because Tip is headlining the Atlanta Birthday Bash which is one of the biggest concerts of the summer in ATL. When it’s showtime, Tip hits the stage and kills it, per usual. “This is my element!” he says, and he sure is right! It looks like Tip is officially baaack!

While watching Tip’s performance, Tiny realizes what she should get Tip for Father’s Day: Hawaii! Because Tip isn’t allowed to travel because of his probation, Tiny brings Hawaii to Tip. “I woulda never even have thought to ask for this. I really appreciate that.” Tip tells Tiny. Looks like this is the best Father’s Day ever! Points for Tiny!

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