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When women are at the center of reality shows, things can get a little dramatic. We’ve seen hair-pulling, table-hopping, punch-throwing and more on some of our favorite guiltiest pleasures like, Basketball Wives,’ ‘Love & Hip Hop,’andBad Girls Club. After many petitions and complaints, Oxygen is attempting to bring the viewing public a new reality show with an all-girl cast that shows women in the entertainment industry working, living and loving. That show is Girlfriend Confidential LA.’

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The show stars reality TV darling Eva Marcille, alongside her best girlfriends, new (beautiful) faces Denyce Lawton, Nikki Chu and Kelly Marie Dunn, ‘Girlfriend Confidential LA’ is more than women arguing with one another. It’s all about girls that respect each other–showing the true meaning of being a girlfriend, while keeping it fab. We ran into the cast and asked them about everything from fashion to girlfriend rules to never break. Get to know your favorite new girlfriends!

What do you think every girl needs in their closet before the summer ends? 

Eva: I think a very colorful cross body, a good high wedge that you can walk in and a little romper, either short or long, depending on if you have nice legs.

Not everyone can pull it off, what about the girls that can’t wear a romper?

Eva: Add a wide, thick belt. Or just squeeze yourself in the belt.

See wait a minute, is that the definition of a “Yes Woman,” because you should be telling your girlfriend she shouldn’t be wearing it…

Kelly: Oh please, I will never let you wear what you don’t look good in.

Eva: Just because your button buttons doesn’t mean it fits. But if there is a lot of excessive skin and foldage hanging over, that is not the business.

Denyce: Every woman needs a Spanx. I have one on.

Eva: Not every woman.

Denyce: Let this be known on the record, Eva does not wear a Spanx. Eva weighs 110 pounds. Spanx is about smoothing.

What are three girlfriend rules that should never be broken?

Eva: Never sleep or play with each others men.

Nikki: Always be honest no matter how much it hurts. A lie hurts 10 times more.

Kelly: Don’t let your girlfriends go out looking crazy.

Denyce: Find a balance and nurture your friendship. Respect your differences.

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Reality shows have been getting a lot of negative press.  How will your show take a different route then that drama filled shows we see all the time?

Eva: Our show is different. We are all women that are successful in our own right in what we do for a living. This show did not create us. So we have a brand and friendship to protect. We live, eat and breathe for each other. There’s a lot more at stake. There’s a lot more tact. We are girlfriends, so we keep it real with each other. It’s a nice balance of friendship.

Denyce: These are my girlfriends. When I decide to go out to a comedy show, the three girls I call are them. Even if we are not at work and we are just hanging, we are together.

Kelly: We all have roles that we play and our audience can identify with each of us and relate to us collectively and individually. Even though it’s entertainment, it’s emotionally draining. We actually disagree a lot, but it’s about trying to find a happy medium and being able to agree to disagree. And be happy with that.

Nikki: Because we show different aspects of women in business, we have an aspirational point of view for young women as well. Where a lot of different shows are kinda like, “Oh she has a Birkin bag” or “Her husband is baseball player,” with us, you see that we go to work everyday. I deal with clients that drive me crazy and when I get the big check I reward myself.

Eva: The show is how real young women are resolving conflict and living their lives. I am not throwing drinks, pulling weaves and snatching boyfriends. We are a better representation of how real women live.

When are we able to see the show?

Sept 3 at 11pm on Oxygen. Be sure to check your local listings and

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