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Here at HelloBeautiful we just love celebrating Black love. Each week we profile newly engaged couples as they describe the moment he decided to “Put A Ring On It.”

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His Story: Jennifer and I had been seeing each other for about two and a half years and our love for each other was undeniable. We knew early on that this union was destined and that marriage was was in our cards. I felt like no matter when I’d ask her to marry me, it would not be a surprise, so I had to figure out how I could create that experience.

It was Sep 24th, 2011, exactly a week after we moved into our new place. I had taken Jennifer and her younger sister Briana out to dinner that evening. I wasn’t sure if I would be popping the question that evening or not, but I had been carrying the ring around with me the last few days just in case that special moment hit me.

We had a great time at dinner, but this would not be the time. I had already started thinking of other occasions to spring this “surprise.”  After dropping Briana off at home, we headed home ourselves. It was around 11pm and Jennifer was tired, falling asleep before we had arrived. Then it hit me!  If I could pop the question while she was half asleep, it would come as a complete surprise. But that also provided a little suspense for me as well. Maybe she’s too tired and will say “No.” But I decided to take my chances.

As we arrived at our apartment building, I woke her and helped her out of the car. I talked about how beautiful the night was and that we should go up to the rooftop for a quick view of the city. (Our rooftop provides sweeping views of the entire city skyline.) At first she refused, saying she was too tired. I was able to convince her that the night was so clear and the view would be beautiful. She agreed.

Once we arrived at the rooftop, Jennifer had no interest at all and was so tired that it seemed she couldn’t care less about the view. As we stood there staring at the city as if the world was at our feet, I started telling her how much she meant to me and that the struggles of our past had only made us stronger as a unit. When I began talking about us and our love, a warming smile came over her face and I knew this was the moment I was waiting for.

As she turn away briefly, I dropped down on one knee, holding the ring in one hand and holding her hand with my other. As she turned back to me, she had know idea I was on my knee. Then she looked down and the tears started flowing. YES!!! The exact reaction I had hoped for. And me being the the softy for her that I am shed a few tears myself. When I asked for her hand in marriage, it was clear that the answer would be yes. However, I needed to hear the word. Our love was so major at that point, I felt there was no way two people could love each other more. But the moment she said yes, my love for her went to a whole other level.

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Her Story: The day Anthony proposed to me was the most surreal day of my life. We had just moved into our new home together and we had a conversation weeks earlier about taking our relationship to the next level after being together for three years. Anthony proposed in September 2011 but I knew he asked my father to marry me in May so I was on edge all summer long!

I was eventually getting sad thinking he was never going to ask. We went to dinner with my sister very late and on the way home I was sleeping in the car. When we arrived home, he kept asking me to come to the rooftop with him. We have a gorgeous rooftop deck with a beautiful view of the downtown Baltimore city skyline but at 1:00 am, I didn’t care. I just wanted to sleep! So attitude and all, I went up and he was talking to me about the view and how happy he is with where our relationship is. He asked me if I had doubts about us and I said yes (the only doubt was cause I didn’t think he would ever ask to marry me!) so he said he wants me to get over any doubts because he has none and can’t see his life without me in it always.

I look to my left and see him on the ground, tears in his eyes and I started nervously laughing saying, “You can’t be serious!” He asked me to be his wife! I cried and cried and then he made me realize I didn’t say yes so he couldn’t get up! I was so excited I forgot. I said yes and obviously I was wide awake all night and not sleepy anymore!

Anthony is genuinely my soul mate and my best friend and the thought of waking up and hanging with your best friend everyday who also happens to be the love of your life is the most amazing indescribable feeling ever. I believe black love rocks, I’m excited for my future and my journey in life with my number one fan and a new husband by my side.

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