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Here at HelloBeautiful we just love celebrating Black love. Every Wednesday we profile newly engaged couples as they describe the moment he decided to “Put A Ring On It”.

Her Story:

Kaseem and I met three years ago at the urging of my mother.  She was worried because I was entering my third year of medical school because I didn’t have time to date.  My schedule made our relationship quite difficult in the beginning but Kaseem was patient and stuck by me.

After completing medical school I found out that I matched for residency at Emory in Atlanta as opposed to DC where Kaseem lives. The decision was hard on us but we did not break-up, or take time off, we planned to stick it through.Kaseem was there every step of the way and even helped me move to Atlanta

This August we went on a cruise to celebrate the end of my first year of residency.  The day he proposed, we had reservations on the crusie for a special four-course dinner. I did not suspect anything during the dinner because Kaseem did a great job of keeping the secret. After dessert, he grabbed my hands and asked me to close my eyes. He is a big joker, so I started laughing uncontrollably and asked him what he was up to. He was trying to be serious and didn’t laugh with me so I obliged and closed my eyes.

In my ears, he started telling me about the first time we met, what I was wearing, how he thought the first date had gone. I heard people whispering around us, and began to wonder what he was up to. My mind was wandering and the next thing I knew he was asking me to be his wife. Everyone in the restaurant was clapping and when I opened my eyes, in shock and said “yes!” I gave him a kiss, and immediately asked him had he talked to my parents because they never mentioned this to me. To my surprise, he said that he did and they had known for over a month. Everyone was in on the plans, but me!

His Story: The first time I met Lauren, I was running late from the race track to make our date. That first date went well enough to have a second date which then turned into a third date and the dates progressed into a relationship.

When Lauren graduated medical school, I thought she would be moving to DC to complete her residency and live with me. I soon found out that she was moving to Atlanta to complete her residency and I was not excited. I was extremely pissed, but I knew I could handle the distance from my experience being in the military and away from family.

When the first year of her residency came to a close this past August, we planned to go on a Carnival Cruise, which I decided would be a perfect time to propose  since we had recently reached our three year mark together.

Asking for her parents permission was the easy part, the hard part was stressing to her mother to not let the secret slip since they talk on the phone ALL the time.

The day of the proposal, I prepared to ask her hand after we had dinner which was excellent. With a quick look around the room, I noticed everyone boat was watching me so I had to make this quick! I asked her to close her eyes and after I put my “mack” down, she was putty in my hand!  Everyone in the restaurant was cheered me on and she replied and said “yes.”

When the cheering settled, she called her parents and told them everything, and the master plan was 100% successful because she was completely surprised!

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