First things first.

Make sure your mouth is moist and if it isn’t, get something to drink because you most certainly don’t want to start a bonfire on his package. Keep your spit, don’t swallow (not yet anyway). Wrap your moist mouth around his manhood and do it slow. Let him feel it. The warm breath and wet crevice will excite him and remind him of your sweetness. Get the entire candy stick wet, going down as far as you can without straining. Form a fishy face with your lips and use up and down motions to get into a groove. Some men like when you use your hand,  so grab the base and hold it tight. At the same time slowly flick your wrist in a smooth motion like your grinding pepper and jerk.

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You should be breathing through your nose, so when you stop it is only to come up for a second breath of air.  By now, with the rubbing and friction, you will need to re-lubricate your human lollipop. Form a wad of saliva in your mouth then spit on it like he disgusts you. (Gross right? They love it!) Things are going to start getting complicated now… Use your other hand to tickle his berries. Juggle them in your palm, but don’t take that mouth off his pulsating pole!

Pay attention to his movements and moans. Some men won’t make noise, so you need to evaluate their expressions. That is how you will know if they’re feeling it. Don’t be afraid to look, but don’t stare and when you look up, look straight so you won’t appear cock-eyed (just in case he’s looking right back at you).

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