Weddings have come a looooong way! These days, brides have tons of options for injecting excitement, style and glamour into their wedding. Photobooths are a hugely popular option for a reception activity. Guests love them and they can take the pictures home as the wedding favor. Lounge areas can create an air of style and sophistication and give a wedding a very modern flair. Lighting can assist with achieving that platinum wedding look that so many brides crave. David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” produces over-the-top florals that can make a bride’s mouth water.

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But there’s one element that can really take your wedding to the next level. One element that makes your wedding stand out in the minds of your guests. One thing that EVERYONE will remember…not just the women, but the men will remember it too.

It doesn’t matter how many flowers you have, how many tiers are on your wedding cake, how many butterflies you release at your ceremony or how expensive your wedding dress is.

If you have bland, over-cooked, under-seasoned wedding food, your wedding will be remembered as “that really pretty wedding with the awful food.” Most of your guests EXPECT for the food to be bad. Even if you dazzle them with over-the-top arrangements, jaw-dropping linens and a 10-piece orchestra that plays during the ceremony, they’re going to expect boring food.

After you spend thousands of dollars to re-create the amazing wedding you saw in a magazine, you don’t want your guests to leave your wedding wondering if they just ate chicken or fish. So, what do you do?

Don’t worry…you don’t have to hold your wedding at the most expensive restaurant in town to get a yummy meal for your guests. Just use a little imagination.  Read More

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