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You can always count on “Single Ladies” to come with the serious surprises and surprise surprise, Raquel’s hot boy toy, Antoino, has ventured back into our lives for more fun with Raquel. But before we get to that, we have to get rid of Aprils’ boo, Reggie.

Reggie asks April for forgiveness after leaving and breaking up with her two weeks ago, and still wants her to move to New York with him. That’s a HUGE step for April, and she’s not sure if she’s ready to make that commitment.  “It’s not about forgiveness, Reggie. It’s about trust,” she tells him, and she’s absolutely right. If she can’t trust him, how will their relationship work. Reggie keeps saying, “I’m not giving up on us” only for April to respond with “Reggie, there is no us”. Ouch!

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Keisha is getting strangely annoyed with everything that Sean does, but finds him to be a protector when her stalker calls. The voice on the other end tells her “what goes around comes around” and Keisha is terrified, and knows that it’s nothing that can be done by the law until her stalker appears and does something to her. Sean invites Keisha to Miami to get away and clear her head for a moment and they agree that it’s just what the two of them need.

Before their vacay, the girls make an appearance at a gala, and Keisha runs into a guy named Gil who says they met before at Chilli’s listening party. Keisha suspects that Gil might be her stalker, especially since she was rude to him when they first met. Keisha’s attention is taken away from Gil when Taylor and Malcolm arrive at the gala and Malcolm is obviously wasted. Malcolm picks a fight with a random guy and upsets Taylor, causing her to storm out of the party. Keisha is concerned for Malcolm and wonders why he’s gotten so drunk but Raquel reminds her that Malcolm is Taylor’s problem now.

Later in the evening, they spot Taylor and Malcolm arguing again, this time about driving home. The argument escalates and Taylor storms off and finds a cab home because she refuses to get in the car with Malcolm while he’s drunk. Keisha walks over to him and begs him to hand over his keys and let Taylor drive. Malcolm finally agrees and Taylor takes the keys, hops in the drivers seat and drives off. Um, a thank you would have been nice!

Now, enter Antoino. He’s been in rehab for his sex addiction and he wants to make peace with Raquel, since she’s the woman that he cares for the most. He says that he turned into a stereotypical Latin lover because he’s been rejected by his peers in Atlanta his whole life. Although Antoino is in rehab for his sex addiction, Raquel still finds herself having steamy, sexy dreams about him, with her waking up in cold sweats! If only her dreams could come true…

Reggie isn’t giving up on April that easily. He’s sent a limo for her, Raquel and Keisha to go to an all expense paid spa day to relax. Reggie is really trying to win April back! The ladies go into the steam room for some relaxation and April realizes that she does miss Reggie and thinks about taking him back.

She decides to meet up with Reggie to tell him that she’s decided to forgive him and she’s over all the drama. She’s not interested in getting back together with him just yet, only because he’s moving to New York. Reggie isn’t done with his stalker-ish ways though. To prove his love for April, he shows her that he’s gotten her name tattooed on his chest, #sosheknowsitsreal.

Apparently, tattooing her name was all the convincing she needed because she agreed to move to New York with him and get back together!

Keisha and Sean are getting ready to head on their getaway when Malcolm calls Keisha from jail asking for her help to bail him out and pick him up.  He’s gotten himself into trouble with the law for driving and driving, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of alcohol he’s been consuming lately.

When Keisha breaks this to Sean, he’s obviously upset. She tells Sean that she’ll take a later flight to Miami and meet him there, but Sean has had enough of the back and forth and tells Keisha to not bother coming. He tells her he’s gone, and walks off.

When Keisha shows up at the jail to bust Malcolm out, surprise surprise, Taylor is already there.  Malcolm calls after Keisha telling her it’s not what she thinks, but Keisha is already upset that she chose to pick Malcolm up over going to Miami with her now ex-boyfriend, Sean. SMH

What do you think is going on with Malcolm? Do you think April will actually go and move to New York with Reggie?

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