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You may remember Simone Battle from the last season of “The X-Factorwhere she stepped on stage like a true performer, ready to deliver. The king of mean, Simon Cowell adored her from the jump and even thought she’d be a top-runner. However, Simone didn’t make it all the way, but that “X-Factor” rejection didn’t stop her. She was actually the only contestant that put out a video after being eliminated.

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It acted as a stepping stone to further Simone’s entertainment career. She’s more than a pretty face and sweet voice, Simone Battle is an entertainer. Actress, singer, USC student (studying Music Industry), Simone is preparing herself for war. Her last name couldn’t be more fitting. There’s a “Battle” to get to the top of the charts and Simone is ready.

Check out our interview with Simone Battle as she reveals which celebrities that would have to do the nasty to create her, her celebrity crush and her role in “We The Party.”

I remember you from “The X-factor” where I thought you were a top dog contestant. How do you feel about your music career after your “The X-factor” rejection?

I’ve always had the same idea about my music career and “The X-Factor” didn’t really shape it or change it. I’ve been working towards my dream since I was a little girl and “The X-factor” was one of the little steps on the ladder to success for me. It was definitely a fun experience, but I’m still working hard.

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I saw that you were a part of the movie “We The Party.” Tell me how you got involved with that and what was your experience being on film?

Acting is another one of my passions. I’m auditioning and taking jobs. I auditioned for “We The Party” a few summers ago. It was my first movie that I got to work on. I had did TV shows in the past. I was really excited about this one because it was my first movie role. I was also excited because I got to showcase some dancing and singing ability.

I saw on Twitter that you are a part of the “106 & Park” search for their next co-host…

I fell in love with that whole atmosphere and environment. I would love to be the new co-host of “106 & park!” I’m the type of person that doesn’t like routine. I think doing something like hosting “106 & Park” isn’t the same routine everyday. It’s new artists and tons of different activities. It fits perfectly with my personality.

You said you love both acting and singing. If you had to choose one to finish the rest of your life in one career only which would you choose and why?

Music is my first passion so I would choose a music career.

What would you say your actual sound is? 

I like to describe it as a threesome between a cheerleader, hipster and a drag queen.

Who do you think is your fashion inspiration?

Eartha Kitt, Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandrige and Marilyn Monroe. I like the back the day artists They were the ones who explored all avenues of entertainment dancing singing acting and i feel thats where my passion lies.

What songs have you grown up singing into a hairbrush?

“Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.

So who’s on your iPod?

I listen to a lot of Jazz like “Watermelon” by Herbie Hancock.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Idris Elba.

Who would be your parents if two artists got it on and you were their love child?

Beyonce and Boy George.

Simone: Twitter and instragram its Simone Battle just my name. Whatever it is @simonebattle for both.

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