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I was recently watching an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Rasheeda and Kirk were having a discussion about her career and how he felt she has been too consumed with bettering her career as a rap artist and not putting enough attention on her marriage and family life.

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They have been married for 12 years and they have an 11 year old son. He said one thing on that episode that stuck out to me. “Are you telling me a rap artist can’t be a mother and a wife?” This is a truly dynamic question. Can a female rap artist find balance in an industry that does not cater to a women who have husbands and children?

I think being successful in the Hip Hop or music industry in general is very tough for anyone, but I think its extremely difficult for female artists. The industry is not necessarily the most accommodating in terms of supporting female artists that are mothers and wives or want to be in the future. Usually women are faced with a decision to choose either career or family.

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However, I think at the same time it’s up to the individual to decide what they will put first and what they will put last. This is extremely difficult but its possible. I think we all find ourselves sacrificing family time for business at some point or another. It’s not intentional but it’s very easy to loose site of what is really important.

In Rasheeda and Kirk’s situation, it took Kirk to remind Rasheeda that she wasn’t putting the same amount of energy into her family life then into her career. Sometimes it takes communicating with your partner to bring these issues to light. Once you communicate, clarity will find it’s way into your relationship.

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