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It’s disheartening to hear all the news surrounding the Jackson family and their feud over Micheal Jackson’s will. It is even more disheartening to read the recent tweets from his daughter, Paris Jackson. My motherly instincts want to reach out to Paris.

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On Tuesday, Paris tweeted:

Then on Wednesday, she tweeted:

Both of these statements seem like a cry for help to me. As a mother of a daughter, I begin to wonder what is really going on in this family that Paris feels so alone and has to turn to social networking to express her feelings of worry and doubt. It is evident that Paris’ relationship with her grandmother is everything to her and not being informed about her whereabouts is really putting a toll on her. In addition to the family feud over her father’s will, I am sure she feels like there is really no where to turn, except to Twitter. This worries me and I think this would worry any mother.

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Every woman/mother out there knows how it was to be 14 -years old and hormonal and emotional changes that come with it. But to be the daughter of Michael Jackson adds a whole other element. Michael’s superstardom is still tangible, even though he’s been gone for three years now. Paris now has the spotlight that once shined bright on the King of Pop and she’s using it to…well, tweet.

I hope that the family can find reconciliation and I hope that they can remember what really is important in life and that’s the life long bond of family! Paris is at an age where her life could take a quick turn for the worst. All of this negativity surrounding her is not good for her and the Jackson family must do something to eradicate it quickly before it’s too late and Paris becomes another tragic celebrity seeking solace in all the wrong vices. Too many young girls, especially those who are celebrities, have a difficult time growing up in today’s world. Paris’ journey is not only obstructed by her father’s blinding spotlight, but she also has no parental units laying down the law. This girl needs her family right now. Let’s not make her journey even harder than it has to be.


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