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It is important that we talk to our children about how to be safe. Children everyday go missing, assaulted or abused. Prevention is the only way to keep them safe. I realize this more and more as my daughter gets older. Strangers always approach her to tell her how cute she is and they always try to engage her in conversation. This drives me insane!

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I am always reiterating to her that I want her to keep her distance and not to talk to strangers. I don’t want to scare her but I also don’t want her to think that it’s okay to talk to people she doesn’t know. I believe if we start young and teach them now, then they will know how to react if there ever comes a time where they will have to protect themselves.

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There is a global non-profit organization called Kid Power and they provide great tools to help parents talk to their children about being safe among other things. It has resources on bully prevention, abuse prevention and stranger safety. I was surprised when I read some of the articles that I really didn’t know anything about teaching my child how to be safe.

Here is a small piece of one of the articles on the site called  Teaching Kids How To Be Safe Without Making Them Scared. “Just telling children about safety or just showing children what to do is not enough. When we just talk to children about danger, their raised awareness can actually raise their level of anxiety.

Young people learn best by actively participating. Practicing children’s personal safety skills increases their confidence and competence. It is important to do this in a way that is not scary, but is fun. Your child can learn with you!

Let’s be dedicated to keeping our kids safe!

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