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Our “Single Ladies” are winning in the men department this season, especially Keshia. Although she’s not with Malcolm anymore, she’s got her sexy friend Sean to fall back on. She keeps trying to resist his messages to her, but he’s super persistent and since he gave her money to help her legal troubles, she offered to buy him dinner, and nothing more. Keshia tells Sean that she just wants to be friends for a while, and Sean is a little disappointed but tells her that she’s the one missing out and leaves.

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April is still feeling her guy best friend, Reggie, who isn’t getting the memo. She keeps trying to hint her feelings toward him but he doesn’t realize she’s interested and makes that so clear to April when he kisses another girl right in front of her! Ouch!

Back at the boutique, Terrence and Shelly meet and he confirms that he’s found their stolen sex tape but he’s not sure on whether it’s been destroyed or not. When Shelly’s new boo, James shows up, she has to explain to him that she used to date Terrence back when she was into “bad boys” but thank God that phase of her life is over, and now she’s into politicians.

Raquel, on the other hand, is having a great time dating two guys at once, but things hit the fan when she’s on a date with Charles and runs into Nate. Uh oh.  Raquel obviously can’t handle awkward situations, because she stumbles through a conversation with Nate and making small talk. After Nate leaves, Charles asks Raquel why did that “guy” make her so nervous. “Who was that and why does he make you so nervous? You guys used to date or something?” He asked her. Raquel tells Charles. “We’re actually currently dating.” So much for keeping your cool, Raquel.

Oddly enough, Charles is cool with Raquel dating two guys at once. “I don’t sweat competition, I expect it,” Nate tells her.

Back at the boutique, Omar tells Keshia and April to come and check out a link to a video that someone just sent him online. Turns out that the video he’s watching is Shelly and Terrence’s sex tape! When Shelly finds out that Terrence didn’t destroy the tape, she’s appalled! After Shelly realizes that all her business is out on the streets, she goes over to her fiancé’s press conference and confesses to him that she did the tape to prepare him for all the questions that he would get about it. He’s so shocked at the news that he doesn’t have any words for her, just a blank look on his face.

Shelly stays with April that night to have some girl time after this whole sex tape thing. Reggie pops up at April’s unexpectedly  to check on her since he hasn’t heard from her in a while. April explains the situation with Shelly before getting enough courage to plant a kiss on him on the lips, gets scared and runs back into her apartment before Reggie can say anything.

The nest day, Shelly confronts Terrence about the tape and he doesn’t understand what she’s so mad about. He thinks she should take the Kardashain route, and milk the tape for everything it’s worth. Shelly’s response? “Go to hell!” That sounds most appropriate considering that Shelly’s lost her job and her man all in the same day.  But luckily for Shelly, after a few days, Terrence is ready to forgive her despite the fact that her sex tape has set his campaign back. But it’s clear that Terrence really loves her and won’t let this situation get in the way of their love. How sweet.

Reggie comes over April’s place again to talk about the “kiss” and April apologizes for making things awkward but confesses that she likes him more than as a friend. To April’s surprise, Reggie responds by kissing her back! Looks like he’s felt the same way about her after all!

April isn’t the only one getting some action on this episode. Keshia has finally given in and let Sean back in but when the two of them can’t find a condom, the reunion is quickly ended. Good choice Keshia, you know Sean is a cheater. “No glove, no love,” she tells him. I love it.

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