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Angela Corey–the special prosecutor on the George Zimmerman case–recently released 120 recorded phone calls that Zimmerman made from the Seminole County Jail. She also released a statement from “Witness 9–” a woman who says Zimmerman is prejudiced against blacks and that he molested her when she was a child.

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It’s interesting to see evidence of people coming forward as character witnesses against Zimmerman. Shortly after Zimmerman, as a self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain, shot and killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, Martin’s character was being brought into question. From his Twitter account to his school records, Zimmerman supporters wanted the court to consider Martin a thug based on what we were able to learn from his past.

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Now the tables have turned. Witness 9 claims that Zimmerman molested her as a child, starting at age six and going until she was 16. Zimmerman was eight when he allegedly started molesting the witness. The witness has this to say about her encounter with Zimmerman at a young age:

“He would put his hands under my pants, under my underwear. He would put his pants under my underwear…basically…****** me…”

If Zimmerman takes stand in trial, Witness 9 could be the one to show Zimmerman has a violent history. Molestation charges may not be allowed, however, Witness 9 was able to get this confession off her chest because she claims that she is no longer afraid of Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’ Mara filed a motion this morning, hoping to omit these statements from the pending trial. How convenient! O’Mara would much rather Martin’s “criminal” history be brought into question to challenge his character rather than allow his client’s past to be considered as well.

Listen to Witness 9’s confession here.

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