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“Love & Hip Hop” is back but this time, with a whole new cast. Taking it to the dirty south, and the center of Black Hollywood a.k.a Atlanta,  Georgia.

We were introduced to the up and down relationship of Mimi and Stevie J. Stevie is a Grammy winning record producer and has worked with everyone from Diddy to Mariah Carey and has been dating Mimi on and off for the past fifteen years. Mimi also happens to be the mother of their ten-year-old daughter. Mimi introduces us to her rocky relationship with their biggest issue being of course, infidelity.

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As Mimi explained to cameras, “being in the music industry involves long nights at the studio, including girls, liquor and Lord knows what else.”

In the opening scene, Stevie has a surprise for Mimi: a new house way outside of the city in the suburbs. The house is beautiful, and normally would be everything that Mimi would want and need for her and her daughter, however, she knows that Stevie has other motives, and is only buying her a new house to keep her far away from him while he works on those “long night studio sessions”. Mimi has learned his game though, and she’s not buying this nice gesture. She tells him that if this were something that he was doing for all of them, then she would be more accepting, instead he kept telling her that he was doing this for her, and not THEM.

Mimi has more than just this house situation to worry about. Stevie has this artist, Joseline, who’s obviously more than just his “artist”. When we first meet Joseline, she’s making it clear that her and Stevie have had more than a business relationship saying, “He’s just everything to me, but it’s not just about the sex”. I guess she’s forgotten that Stevie has a woman. Joseline and Stevie have a studio session together, which turns into a little more than just a studio session when Joseline gets up and starts doing a little sexy dance for him. Somebody better get Mimi on the line!

Mimi and Stevie aren’t the only couple with a rocky relationship in Atlanta. We are also introduced to the relationship of Erica and Lil Scrappy, who have been dating for ten years and have a six year old daughter. Their relationship went south when Lil Scrappy had a public relationship with Diamond of Crime Mob, however when Diamond started dating Soulja Boy, Scrappy came running back home to Erica, and of course, she took him back.  Erica says that they are not only together because of their child, but their romantic chemistry seems to be lost, probably because of all his cheating. “He says he wants affection, but he was getting a lot of that before he moved on to Diamond,” Erica says.

We’re also introduced to Scrappy’s mother, Mamma Dee, who is very head strong and is down for her son (think of Jim Jones’ mother x 10).She makes it very clear that she does not like Diamond for what she’s done to her son, and wants to see Erica give Scrappy more attention like she does.

We’re also introduced to Karlie Redd and her boyfriend Antonio Reid. Karlie and Antonio have a lunch with Stevie J and his “artist” Joseline to discuss business and right off the bat, Karlie and Antonio sense that Joseline and Stevie’s relationship is a little bit more than business related. Between Joseline calling Stevie “daddy” and toasting to having good sex, it looks like these two just can’t keep their hands off each other. Karlie thinks they have the perfect relationship and that Joseline is down for her man, only problem is that HE’S NOT HER MAN!

Things get crazy when singer K. Michelle has a birthday party, and invites the biggest names in Atlanta to attend. Turns out that Karlie and Mimi are good friends, and they begin discussing Karlie’s music career. Karlie brings up Joseline, and tells the girls that Joseline and Stevie J are dating. Mimi quickly corrects her and says that Stevie is HER man but the lunch that Karlie and her boyfriend attended seemed to prove otherwise.

If things couldn’t get anymore uncomfortable, in walks Stevie J with Joseline. Stevie comes and sits with Mimi and tries to make good with her but Mimi isn’t playing that game this time. She immediately goes in on Stevie and Joseline only for Joseline to fire back at her with, “That doesn’t mean I’m f*cking him, but I’m going to work with him.”

Karlie accuses them of kissing and Joseline and Stevie both deny that ever happened. Eventually, Mimi has had enough and gets up to leave the table with Stevie jumping over the couch to chase her. Joseline, I guess is feeling some type of way, throws his drink at him and he runs back to tend to her. He’s obviously confused and doesn’t know what to do. When they all head outside of the club, Mimi is fed up, and tells Stevie that if he gets in the car to go with Joseline that he is showing her what it is.

Joseline is ready to go to the studio, and Stevie gets back in the car with her, which sends Mimi over the edge.  He tells Mimi,”I was looking for you!”  SMH

Stevie and Mimi continue to argue before Stevie finally gets in the car with Joseline to go to the studio, leaving everyone stunned that he decided to leave with Joseline and not his woman. SMH

Do you think Mimi will leave Stevie?

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