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I am always looking for new activities that my daughter and I can do together. Cooking is certainly one of them. Kids love cooking because it gives them an opportunity to get messy and creative. They love any activity that they can do with their parents.

Here are a few easy steps to follow to get you cooking with your kids.

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1. Choose a simple recipe. Try to choose something that doesn’t involve any sharp objects as this can be dangerous. Great recipes would be homemade pizza or even rice crispy treats. I love this recipe from Food So Good Mall for Pizza Muffins. Super simple and super good. If you want to get some vegetables in their diet try this great recipe, Broccoli Cheese Balls.

2. Gather all your utensils and ingredients you will need to cook with. Talk to your child about which ingredients and utensils will be used for what.

3. Read through the directions for the recipe together. Use this as an opportunity to teach measurements.

4. Get to cooking and have fun!


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