A new study by British researchers has found that black girls who are active and exercise regularly are much more likely to become overweight than white girls who have the same level of activity.

The new study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, raises big questions about whether the national campaigns by folks like First Lady Michelle Obama to get more kids, especially black kids, to exercise regularly will have any effect on the obesity epidemic in the black community. For white girls at age 12, the equation is simple: exercise regularly and stay slim. For black girls at the same age, regular exercise may have no effect on their likelihood of becoming overweight.

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The study compared white and black girls’ physical activity and food intake over three days, using a pedometer to measure exercise and a food diary to keep track of what they ate. Participants were also asked to provide information on levels of physical activity that they engaged in during the previous year. Based on activity, each group was divided into upper and lower halves.

Keep in mind this study took all of three days!  And did they consider the price of foods that are affordable to low-income families?


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