The neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin is finally getting his just due. According to The Orlando Sentinel, Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester decided to revoke Zimmerman’s $150,000 bond after being misled about Zimmerman’s finances and his second passport.

Recorded conversations between Zimmerman and his wife, where the two were heard talking cryptically about his second passport in a safety deposit box they shared assisted in Zimmerman’s undoing. The two speak in code in the recording. Zimmerman’s original passport was due to expire in last month and he applied for a second passport, claiming the first one was lost or stolen.

The neighborhood watchman turned killer also lied to the judge about the money he had in his account. He told the court he was financially indignant when he had $135,000 in his account. Get this–a few days earlier, Zimmerman’s attorney found out he had raised the $200,000 from his site and the amount of money he raised wasn’t brought up at the bond hearing.

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This is all one big duh! Zimmerman has been concealing and bending the truth since he waltzed in to the police station undisturbed by what he’d just done. In two days, Zimmerman will be in jail. Those may just be the sweetest words I’ve ever written. As of Sunday (48 hours from today), Zimmerman will again await trial behind bars.

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