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What happens in my bedroom usually stays there. I’ve never had to deal with a leaked sex tape or being the topic of a “she has been around the block” conversation. Wait, I have a sex tape?! No one would care anyway girl let’s keep it moving.

My somewhat squeaky clean reputation doesn’t make me special  so please save that pat on the back you were gonna give me. I’m simply letting it be known that I maintain a balanced level of secrecy despite the topics I blog about. I have learned through a few bumps along the road to guard that area of my life with as many hidden references as possible. I can’t give you everything, you gotta buy the book!

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Others may not have the same view point as I do and may be a lot more comfortable with divulging the dirty dirty. Hey, that’s fine, let it out!

I have the same respect for other relationships that I would my own. I’ve learned that integrity and honesty are very important in my books and as much as I respect the relationship of others by keeping out of it, there comes a time when we find ourselves knee deep in some conflict that does not necessarily involve us.

I suppose it’s my “I’ll take your deep secrets to the grave” personality that urges folks to tell me everything…EVERY-THING. I like listening and learning so it’s cool but there have been a few times in my life that the stories I would hear affected me on a more personal level.

The type of level that had me observe a forever nameless individual’s significant other show me his genuine care for her while she was more concerned with her trysts with less than worthy personalities. In fact this post was spurned because I saw said personality curled up with another on public transit. Girllll!

I tried to let my disgust blow away in the wind and secretly hoped that it was a one time thing. I continued to painfully smile and play along with the ish, but it caught up with me quick and in the worst way.

It angered me so badly that someone could continue to lie to their selves and feel little to no surface-level remorse. Single is an option, but it’s a scary option for a lot of us. It means no regular allowances or constant penetration. It means no secure verbal vacuum to be there when you have a bad day. It means you have to learn to be self-sufficient and accountable for your own messes.

I became stronger when I faced the music and it made me reflect on my own life. I strongly believe everyone in our life mirrors us in some way. I mean I wasn’t hoeing around but I didn’t take a stand and that to me is being dishonest to myself. Hey I’m not an angel and we are all going to have friends who are newsworthy but it doesn’t mean you have to skip and hold hands with them, especially if you know damn well that their actions are hurting others.

I don’t promote stepping on toes or leading people on and I don’t support anyone who does either.


Ok it’s not the end..thoughts?

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