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Every girl has her preference when it comes to dating guys, and often there’s one in particular they go for, a thug.Why do black women love thugs? What’s the appeal? There are several reasons why certain black women love thugs, some you may agree with and you may not. However, you can’t deny there is thirst and love for thugs.

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Anderson Cooper Kicks ‘Human Barbie’ Off Show: ‘You’re Dreadful’ (VIDEO)

The media plays an integral role in perpetuating this sometimes true stereotype through movies, music videos, and even the headlines you read on your favorite blog sites. Several years ago, actress Lauren London ruffled a few feathers after an interview with King Magazine. She was asked about her preference in men, and whether she liked an “honest thug.” Her response was, READ THE REST HERE: Why Do Black Women Love Thugs? [Opinion]

Words by: Valerye Griffin – (@valmarie)

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