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Trayvon Martin had no idea he would lose his life after going to 7-Eleven for a pack of Skittles and an Arizona Tea. In this video, Martin’s wearing a hoodie and simply purchasing his items. Had he been up to no good, wouldn’t he have caused trouble in the store? A hoodlum is a hoodlum is a hoodlum and Trayvon was behaving like a civilized human being.

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Once he left the 7-Eleven and George Zimmerman spotted him, yielding his non-existant neighborhood watch captain badge, Zimmerman deemed the unarmed teen a threat and after being told not to follow him by 911 dispatch, he did so anyway. The reason the powers that be are allowing this video to be seen is not only for the purpose of evidence, but they totally want to paint a picture of Trayvon Martin as menacing. You see him in the video, in a hoodie, looking like an average young black man, however the prosecution will have you to believe this young black man was a threat to Zimmerman.

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