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With all the joys that come with being new parents, it’s hard to balance your attention between the new baby and your relationship at times. I remember when I had my daughter my husband couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous of the attention I paid to her instead of him. I was somewhat taken aback by this but I also can see his side too, I guess.

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When a new baby comes into the picture there is little room left to pay attention to anything else. When the baby is awake it’s all about feeding the baby, changing the baby, playing with the baby etc. When the baby is sleep it’s all about getting rest so you are ready when the baby wakes up.

Personally, I was extremely tired most of the time and if I did have a moment to myself, it was spent sleeping. The good news this does not last forever. Once I establish a solid routine for my daughter would sleep, nap, and eat; I then was able to find more time to devote to our relationship. It was definitely an adjustment for everyone but once we figured it out, we were right back on track. My husband just had to suck it up for the interim–oh poor baby! It’s all a balancing act and that will never change.

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