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My mother just sent me a recent article on Purpose Driven.com about how we as parents should embrace our children’s uniqueness. This is so true. I think as parents we always want our children to be exactly like us and we fail to realize that our job isn’t to make them like us, but our job is to teach and support them as they discover who they are.

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Kids are not things to be molded; they’re people to be unfolded.” Your goal in life should not be to mold your kids in your image. Your goal in life should be to help them discover who God made them to be” – purposedriven.com It’s nice to be reminded of this as I think as parents we get so wrapped up in making sure that our children are smart and successful that we tend to ignore they also need guidance and support as they grow and mature.

It’s not always easy being unique, especially now a days with more and more bullying in schools. It’s easier for children to conform instead of standing out from the crowd. Uniqueness should be celebrated and encouraged. It’s is our job to talk to our children about embracing their uniqueness. Help them understand that they don’t have to be like you or they don’t have to be like their friends. It’s okay to be exactly who they want to be!

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