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Alas, the “black women/bad attitudes” debate has risen on “Lala’s Full Court Life”. Lala and her friend Angie head to the gym for some one on one training with Lala’s super cute trainer, Hino. After an intense workout, the three of them sit down for lunch and Lala takes it upon herself to go through the pictures on Hino’s phone. What type of women does Lala see in Hino’s phone? All white women, which makes Lala wonder why she doesn’t ever see him with a black girl. His answer: “attitude. It’s like they just want to argue for no reason.”

Uh oh.

Lala and Angie (and every other black woman around the world) are shocked by Hino’s comments, and a little disappointed that he feels that way. La tries to explain to him that just because you’ve had one or two back experiences with a black woman doesn’t mean that you can generalize a whole race. He goes on to say, that black women “make their problems you problems and they aren’t as adventurous as white women (both in and out of bed)”.

La and Angie are offended by Hino’s comments, and La shares this information with some of her other girlfriends. All the ladies that La tells this information to are offended and say, “women are going to be women whether you’re yellow, green, purple, black, white, whatever. It’s just about the type of person and the chemistry you guys have.” Let the church say, AMEN!

Lala then calls over her good friend, Charlamange, who is a black man who likes to date black women, and asks him about Hino’s statement. Charlamange agrees that while some black women do have “attitudes” he believes that black women are “strong and confident” and thinks that black women are great at standing up for themselves. Okay, I think we can live with that.

Lala then makes it her mission to change Hino’s perspective on black women. She signs Hino and herself up for a trapeze lesson, and jumps right in, proving to him that black women are wild and adventurous too! I think it’s going to take more than one trapeze lesson to change Hino’s whole perspective on black women but I’m fine with baby steps.

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