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On this week’s episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, Lala gets a lesson in friendship. She’s obviously been best friends with Dice and Po for many years, even before she became Mrs. Anthony, but learning how to balance her old friends and her new, celebrity friends has become quite a challenge for La. She’s invited Po and Dice to go to an upcoming Knick’s game with her to see her hubby Carmelo hit the court. Everything is great until Lala’s good friend, Monica comes in town and asks La to accompany her to the game since her husband, Shannon Brown, and Carmelo will be playing against each other on opposing teams. Lala agrees to go with Monica, but fails to let Po and Dice know that the plans have changed, because after all, Po and Dice are always going to be there and Monica is only in town for a short while. Lala and Monica hit the game while Po and Dice are sitting at home, waiting on Lala to arrive for them to go to the game together. Po and Dice start calling Lala’s phone, wondering where she is. After calling her a few times with no answer, they start to get worried that something may have happened to their friend, that is until they turn on the Knicks game and see Lala and Monica sitting courtside in their seats. Po and Dice feel hurt about the fact that they just got stood up by their best friend, but decide to hit the streets and see what NYC has to offer them anyway.

Po and Dice come up with a plan to give Lala a taste of her own medicine, meaning no texts and no calls. Eventually, Lala comes around and meets up with Po and Dice, and at first tries to act as if everything is normal, until Po asks her how the game was. Lala tries to explain the situation, saying that she could have handled things differently and apologies. Po responds by saying that they are always going to be there for her but she still shouldn’t take them for granted. Lala apologizes again, and in the end the ladies work everything out and are back to being best friends again.

“2012 is about relationships, friends, because it is hard to find great friends and great people and just not taking them for granted” Lala says. Amen!

What did you think about this weeks episode?

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