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The “Super Mom” award of the year goes to, Lala Anthony! On this episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, Lala shows us just how family oriented she is! Her only son, Kiyan has a birthday coming up, and he’s turning five years old! Kiyan tells Lala that he wants a big birthday party with a pony, and Lala knows that she has to bring her baby’s vision to life!

Lala then heads to Miami to appear on Queen Latifah’s sports show and since she loves talking about sports, this show is perfect for her! After her appearance on the show, Queen Latifah asks Lala to guest star on her hit series, “Single Ladies”. Lala is thrilled about appearing on the show, but realizes that the show tapes in Atlanta and is in the same week as Kiyan’s birthday. Lala asks Kiyan if he wouldn’t mind moving his birthday party from New York to Atlanta, and Kiyan agrees (although I don’t think he had too much of a choice) which is great news to Lala because they already have a ton of family that live in the Atlanta area.

The crew heads to Atlanta and Lala stops and meets up with her bestie, Kelly Rowland, to give her the details on Kiyan’s big birthday bash. Po, Dice and Kelly offer to help Lala plan Kiyan’s birthday, but Lala being the super mom that he is, doesn’t want any help and wants to plan everything on her own.

Production of “Single Ladies” begins, and runs way behind schedule, which makes it difficult for Lala to plan Kiyan’s birthday party. When the shoot finally wraps, it’s after midnight, and the party is in a couple hours! Lala scrambles to get cake supplies to make a cake for her son, and brings it back to her moms house so she and the girls can get their ‘Betty Crocker’ on.

The girls try and make the cake without measuring all the ingredients, and the first batch comes out terrible! Lala jokingly writes “sh*t” on the cake with icing, because that’s exactly what the cake looks like.

They make another cake, this time following all the instructions on the box and voila! The cake comes out great!

When it’s finally time for Kiyan’s birthday party, Lala has fulfilled her promise to her son and gotten him a pony! It looks like Kiyan is having a great birthday party! Two points for Lala being a Super Mom!


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