Rihanna’s been doing a lot of ratchet things lately–baring it all, getting closer to her once-abusive ex Chris Brown and even subtweeting his current girlfriend, Karrueche. She’s basically been living her life like a rockstar and not caring one bit who criticizes her. Rihanna may start caring now because Now Magazine is reporting that Jay-Z sent Beyonce to Rihanna to tell her that if she takes Chris Brown back, she won’t be allowed to see Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z is more than a mentor to Rihanna, he’s her big brother and he’s never been a fan of Chris Brown ever since the “F*ck The City Up” singer put his hands on Rihanna in 2009. Allegedly Jay-Z wants his baby Blue to have positive role models in her life and right now, Rihanna is not one of them.

Clearly Rihanna isn’t the best role model, but should she be kept away from Blue Ivy?

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